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DataCooler developed 26 games, played 414 times.

  • Kill the boss game Kill the boss 118 Walk around the deadly streets, jump, kick, punch, spin, kick and pick up guns to fight other.
  • Anarchy Rat game Anarchy Rat 42 Compose cool music and shake it with your friends. Electric guitars at full power, a powerful battery and to finish a good repertory of insults and bu...
  • Noah game Noah 32 The Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge zombie, and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood zombie. All You Need Is Kill....
  • Noah and Wyvern game Noah and Wyvern 30 Noah and Wyvern. Quest adventure for young barbarians.
  • Maze of firefly 2 game Maze of firefly 2 24 The return of the brave firefly. Complete with him new mazes as quickly as possible and will take place on the leader board.
  • Office mini-golf game Office mini-golf 20 After a long day at work, everything starts to look like a putt-putt course! (Bring your friends.)
  • Space Shit game Space Shit 19 Whirlwind tower defense on Space
  • Horror Forest Drive game Horror Forest Drive 17 Unforgettable tour of terrible forest.
  • Dragon race 2 game Dragon race 2 12 Paper Dragon is back. Now the streets of your city.
  • Zombie rifle 2 game Zombie rifle 2 10 Save your girlfriend from lusty zombie hordes.
  • Mobile Tournament game Mobile Tournament 10 Fight in an amazing mobile tournament vs friend or machine.
  • Ping Prong game Ping Prong 10 Pong in space.
  • Removed game Removed 9 Protect your base from evil toons
  • Greyhound Challenge game Greyhound Challenge 8 If Greyhounds could fly, they'd chase hares in the sky! Round a hectic "flying lap" through the rings. Go for a high score and be first in list. A gre...
  • Cube War Z game Cube War Z 8 In this game you have to avoid all the cubes in this field of cubes using your left and right arrow keys.
  • Tanks Demo game Tanks Demo 8 Tanks! sample game.
  • School Defender game School Defender 7 Defend your school from terrorists.
  • ZombieDrome game ZombieDrome 5 Want to go fast? Want to be strong or rich? Choose your way to survive in a zombie infested city.
  • Boule Balls game Boule Balls 5 Make all balls in one color.
  • QuaRkZ game QuaRkZ 4 Try to control as much subnuclear matter as possible by clicking on the fields!
  • World Puzzle Mobile Action game World Puzzle Mobile Action 4 Put the action verbs in the right boxes! A game to practise action verbs (open, close, pull, push, jump, run, kick, catch. ).
  • Guardians game Guardians 3 Hit the enemy off the edge of the screen to move through the levels. Try to avoid letting the enemy fire at you and knock you off the edge of the scre...
  • Memory bird game Memory bird 3 This game is on the development of memory. Birds are tweet, one by one, our goal is to repeat tweets in the same manner.
  • Legion Online game Legion Online 3 In each round, the opponents to attack each other once. Before the battle randomly determined which of the opponents will attack first. In the early r...
  • ZombieDrome 3 game ZombieDrome 3 2 Try new battle system, random events and funny mercenaries in ZombieDrome 3. Choose your way to survival and defense town.
  • Scorepocalypse 2 game Scorepocalypse 2 1 Welcome, and happy Zombie Games. The best game of zombie killers returned. More graphics, more blood, more fun and zombies.

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