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westpig2 developed 10 games, played 186 times.

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  • Magic Change game Magic Change Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings growing from a leaf,to tree,house and more! 3+ same will change to next object, untill to the highest object ,you will get special bonus. select a obj...
  • Magic Cut game Magic Cut click and move mouse to draw a line to link same color gems to clear, more same will win more time and score!
  • MagicCollapsing game MagicCollapsing Click and try to make same blocks to disappear, the new blocks will create from top and left ,try to get higer score!
  • free More game free More hit the wright letters to spell a right levels and higher speed. study for ielts.
  • Magic Gems game Magic Gems English version. click connected 2+ same gems to win score and time. more gems cleared will get time and bome gems bonus. Bome gems will clear same ro...
  • Brick Word game Brick Word Moving your paddle,break letter bricks for getting the to start or pause the ball. Help you remember long words. Skill:You can click on stage to pause...
  • Happy Cut game Happy Cut Cut 1 and more same flowers to get dropping coins. Try cut wisely to help the dog catch the coins to win more time. Cut different flowers and Black Sk...
  • Run Faster game Run Faster Too late to to run faster! Click mouse up and down to make boy jump and down.
  • magicCross game magicCross Click to put the new one correctly, more than two same in cross will clear, Easy to play!
  • Tidy Libary game Tidy Libary Your school need a tidy it same objects in row and will object only move the linked space!

Tags: match3 364, gem 296, flower 462, brick 195, magic 461, collapse 86, happy 349, drop 162, english 217, touch 51