enmochi games

enmochi developed 8 games, played 159 times.

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  • Flip It game Flip It The black and the white have always been confronting each other on the board. Can you bring the black pieces back to the light? Your task in this game...
  • Halloween Pumpkins game Halloween Pumpkins Halloween. The spirits have waken up the jack-o'-lanterns and appointed them as troublemakers. Your task is to stack the pumpkins up before the time r...
  • Matchsticks game Matchsticks Remove matches to form the required number of squares.
  • Swap game Swap Can you solve the puzzle which dates back to the Victorian era? Your goal in this game is to exchange the positions of the two sets of arrow tiles wit...
  • Alien Intruders game Alien Intruders Save your planet by eliminating the aliens!
  • Hex Mines game Hex Mines Aboard the hexagonal minesweeper and clear the minefield!
  • Coin Weighing game Coin Weighing Weigh the golds to distinguish the counterfeit.
  • Squares game Squares Spin and rotate, then cast the objects away!

Tags: minesweeper 19, chess 69, coin 201, planet 196, swap 108, pumpkin 227, flip 39, clear 32, spirit 36, square 145