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ryoga22222 developed 16 games, played 212 times.

  • Circular Man game Circular Man Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Help Circular Man eat all the gems!
  • Were Wars 2 the Rats game Were Wars 2 the Rats After the start of the lycanthrope battle,the wererats have decided to join the fray and see what profit can be had.
  • Werewars Fight game Werewars Fight Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Step into the world of werewars and battle it out with four werewolves thirsty for blood.
  • Were Wars game Were Wars Werewolf Card Game. Use your attack cards,creature cards,equipment cards and spell cards to destroy your opponent and get his health to 0
  • Munchy game Munchy Crunch carrots and eat oranges while running from the tempting but deadly hamburger,hotdog,cake and donut!
  • Desert Gems 3 game Desert Gems 3 Continue matching colored gems in the third installment of desert gems with improved gravity.
  • Pick Axe Joe game Pick Axe Joe Help Joe find all the gold!
  • Kill the Bees game Kill the Bees Bees are invading your house! Kill them before they eat all your pineapples!
  • Boingz 3 game Boingz 3 Keep the food bouncing in this left click only game.
  • Burger Van game Burger Van Serve your customers as they drive up in a timely matter or they will get upset and leave without paying.
  • Ufoh game Ufoh Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Destroy the alien invasion using your laser turret. Upgrades and being able to repair yourself will help you survive through three waves of enemies....
  • Food Bizaar game Food Bizaar Bounce your strawberry against various types of food for points.
  • Wack a Rat game Wack a Rat Rats have invaded! Use your trusty mallet to crush the rodents before time runs out.
  • Monster Attack 2 More Power game Monster Attack 2 More Power Continue burning things as you rampage through the city but with increased power as you use your firebreath,eyebeams and flaming gas!
  • Fruit Stall game Fruit Stall You run a fruit stall selling fresh fruit to customers. No time to hire someone to run the register so do it yourself and quickly as customers are sta...
  • Monster Attack game Monster Attack After breaking out of a laboratory you quickly start to mutate thanks to the humans experiments. Take revenge on the city with your new godzilla like...

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