mpalma games

mpalma developed 7 games, played 225 times.

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  • Assault Outpost 3 game Assault Outpost 3 In 2011 we established a base on Mars and successfully defended it from alien invasion, twice! But the aliens are back and they are really pissed now....
  • Armored Assault game Armored Assault A tactical ground combat game. Two teams of 12 units each, battle to the death, on a 20x20 battlefield. Each side gets 1 move per turn, and the object...
  • Peg Solitary 2 game Peg Solitary 2 The classic puzzle game peg Solitary. 27 Levels tracks time and score.
  • Kings of Conquest game Kings of Conquest Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Old school territory war game, better then Risk.
  • Brain Power game Brain Power Test your brain power!
  • Kings of Conquest 5 game Kings of Conquest 5 A Territorial Strategy War Game for Global Domination. This is a remake of an old computer war game called Lords of Conquest, with the addition of a f...
  • Ultimate Peg Solitary game Ultimate Peg Solitary Test your brain power by solving these complex but fun puzzles!

Tags: tank 269, army 201, battle 329, friend 235, test 193, king 217, epic 87, solitary 6, territory 14, assault 46