dringdahl games

dringdahl developed 10 games, played 483 times.

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  • Puzzle Poker game Puzzle Poker Rated 1.8/5 based on 5 user ratings
  • Sandi game Sandi Excellent and challenging bubble pop game, aviod the green ones.
  • Bump Up 3 game Bump Up 3 Survive as long as you can on moving blocks with your character in this fast paced arcade game, unlock achievements to gain access to even more charac...
  • Super Debris Dodger game Super Debris Dodger Try to collect coins and pass through the hyper gates to increase your score.
  • Preschool Coloring Exam game Preschool Coloring Exam Do you have the skills to do well on the mandatory nationwide 15-question Preschool Coloring Exam?
  • Fishy - Underwater Adventure game Fishy - Underwater Adventure Fishy wants to be a big. To grow, eat small fish.
  • Super Fall Go Go 2 game Super Fall Go Go 2 Race to the bottom of the screen as fast as you can, staying ahead of the pink octopus and collecting bonus points and power ups.
  • Jump Jump Superstar game Jump Jump Superstar Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Highly polished casual one button jumping game, fun for all. Collect coins to increase your score.
  • Alphas Keep Falling game Alphas Keep Falling The evil Alphas are trying to clutter up your pristine blank piece of paper, stop them with your incredible typing talents! Features 3 game modes, 6 t...
  • Glow Swimmer game Glow Swimmer With nothing but your swimming talent and a pair of glowing goggles, swim through an unexplored cave rumored to harbor glowing treasure.

Tags: typing 180, multiplayer 330, octopus 38, fish 478, poker 150, line 200, falling 377, asteroid 165, penguin 163, dodge 181