sunil_changrani games

sunil_changrani developed 8 games, played 85 times.

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  • Ten seconds Click game Ten seconds Click Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings You have 10 seconds of glory, Compete with the worlds fiercest clickers.
  • Crypt game Crypt Crypt is a horror rpg game. Go through 8 levels of the dark crypt with only a small torch and your loyal 9mm at your side.
  • Another Stupidity Test game Another Stupidity Test Just a simple test which gives you a series of tasks. Take two minutes to find out if you are stupid or not.
  • Lucky Roll game Lucky Roll See how your luck fairs in this 50-50 chance game.
  • Photographic Memory game Photographic Memory Photographic Memory, do you have it? Check it out on this innovative game, Every level you get just a couple of seconds to look at an arrangement of f...
  • Thr-ust-eroid game Thr-ust-eroid Thr-ust-eroid is a one button game, you have a ship, which keeps falling unless you give it a Thrust(spacebar). The object of the game is to avoid onc...
  • Balls and Guns game Balls and Guns Balls and guns is a pretty simple game. You control a ball, you need to collect the bonuses while the guns around you shoot at you.
  • Thr-ust-eroid II game Thr-ust-eroid II Thr-ust-eroid II is the sequel of thrusteroid, Take your spaceship through an asteroid field to the longest distance you can. Use the thrust to steer...

Tags: coin 211, horror 171, maze 457, quiz 249, test 203, iq 66, asteroid 165, rolling 106, lucky 35, stupid 35