theodor games

theodor developed 11 games, played 54 times.

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  • Rainbow Ring 2 game Rainbow Ring 2 What if you had to control the rainbow? Rainbow Ring 2 is a fast-paced, color-based endurance game where you never get to rest your mind - nor your fi...
  • Animal Rafters game Animal Rafters Rescue the three furry animals from drowning in the strong current of the river.
  • Diamond Frog game Diamond Frog A diamond loving frog. Futuristic and electric!
  • Oh No Spiders game Oh No Spiders You wake up in your bed just any other day - but you realize everyone is gone. You walk out in the streets - but everyone is gone. Instead you see a p...
  • So Fab Dressup game So Fab Dressup Dress her up so fashionably fabulous and send the design to your friends ;)
  • Black White Car game Black White Car Unique and stylish sidescroller with rockets, helicopters and monster trucks!
  • Sombrero Sledge Hammer game Sombrero Sledge Hammer Collect the tacos and slaughter the nasty cockroaches! Sombrero fun!
  • Extreme Action Boiling game Extreme Action Boiling 'Extreme Action Boiling' is a fast paced, action packed game - classic game style meets new concept with awesome graphics and packed with music and ga...
  • Infektion game Infektion DOC: What is this god forsaken infection? You must stop it! Be the fastest to save the subject and all mankind!
  • Magnet Canyon Racer game Magnet Canyon Racer On one side you've got a madly steep cliff and on the other a massive magnet. How far can you race?
  • Treehouse of Magic game Treehouse of Magic Grow a tree and build a treehouse at the top. Highest wins! :)

Tags: sushi 35, magic 461, spider 111, rainbow 121, collecting 493, stylish 135, friend 237, grow 38, extreme 133, magnet 16