DiscipleOfFred games

DiscipleOfFred developed 8 games, played 71 times.

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  • Hunted game Hunted Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Zombies are everywhere. Will you be the hunter... or the hunted? Fight back in this action-packed zombie shooter!
  • Tail game Tail A interesting retro-themed game where the player controls two glowing tails that create beautiful patterns. As the tails zip through their world, the...
  • Multitasking2 game Multitasking2 This quick and fun brain-twister tests how well you can keep both sides of your mind focused on simple but changing tasks. Survive for as long as you...
  • RedPaddle2 game RedPaddle2 Avoid the balls and pick up the bonuses in this fast-paced game!
  • The Kings Feast game The Kings Feast An interesting game where you have to pick up and throw a ball into a goal. Careful- real physics and gravity apply in this world!
  • Royal Feast 2 game Royal Feast 2 Draw walls, throw balls, and see what happens!
  • Bombardment game Bombardment Avoid the red projectiles that are launched at your position and grab the health bonuses to advance to the next level.
  • Red Paddle game Red Paddle Avoid the balls and pick up the bonuses in this fun and exciting game!

Tags: mini 450, rhythm 247, survival 180, king 231, royal 86, medal 38, survive 90, wave 73, paddle 60, undead 52