monoflautaxd games

monoflautaxd developed 6 games, played 52 times.

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  • Hoshinofuru Arena game Hoshinofuru Arena Hi! This one is not the second part of Hoshinofuru but here you will can see some of the next game Hoshinofuru 2 :P -53 Creatures -11 Items -High scor...
  • Drug the mouse game Drug the mouse This game is random. you have to drug the mouse until the time ends.
  • Judas bread attack game Judas bread attack Be judas and attack jesus with old breads!
  • Catch an epic mouse game Catch an epic mouse You need to catch that mouse pressing left key many times
  • Hoshinofuru 2 game Hoshinofuru 2 Hope you like it and have fun. Total Osanai (Monsters): 53 Submit scores in the lighthouse
  • Epic Beard Man Quiz game Epic Beard Man Quiz Play this quiz game where you need to answer questions fast

Tags: rpg 338, key 149, creature 91, quiz 247, role 62, attack 301, catching 256, epic 90, man 299, boom 47