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  • Political Duel 2 game Political Duel 2 The battle of the world leaders is on again! Who will triumph? 3 modes of play - tournament, vs mode and survival. Beat the hell out of your favorite...
  • Dodge Fishy game Dodge Fishy dodge the big fish and try to stay alive.
  • etsmash china game etsmash china chinese version of the game
  • Stunt Bike Draw 3 game Stunt Bike Draw 3 It's stunt bike drawing in another galaxy! Draw your jumping ramps, rev your engine and try to jump over the freaky alien beings without killing them...
  • Tank 2007 game Tank 2007 Tank warfare at it's best. The world has gone to hell - it's up to you to set things straight and blast your way to victory in this survival of the fi...
  • popboard china game popboard china chinese version of the game
  • Save Me 3 game Save Me 3 help the people in the burning building jump to safety.
  • Blockocide game Blockocide Remove as many blocks as possible in two minutes.
  • Crazy Nails game Crazy Nails Ever wanted to shoot things with a nail gun? Well, here's your chance! 2 game modes - skill and arcade modes. In skill mode, your objective is to shoo...
  • FWG Knight 2 game FWG Knight 2 Your land has been ravaged by evil forces. Go out and defeat the evil that has come and bring joy back to your kingdom.
  • Golferrific game Golferrific How good are your golfing skills? Smash the glasses on each level and try to figure out the puzzles.
  • noodleshop china game noodleshop china chinese version of the game
  • Alien Abductor game Alien Abductor Humans; the trading cattle of the galaxy. You're a bounty hunter in search of humans to sell on the inter-galactic human market place. You receive a b...
  • beetle run china game beetle run china chinese version of the game
  • Santa Drop game Santa Drop Help Santa deliver the worlds presents without getting shot down or hitting flying objects.
  • FWG Pursuit game FWG Pursuit You've just robbed a bank and your objective is to race around the city streets in your hotrod and to drop the money off at key check points (money ba...
  • Elephant Below game Elephant Below You're a deep-sea diving elephant on a mission to find pearls in oyster shells and escape from your terrible life in the circus!

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