OliverKO games

OliverKO developed 6 games, played 43 times.

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  • Vowels in Your Bowels game Vowels in Your Bowels Shoot vowels at rows of winding bowels bloated with pesky letters - clear the bowels by forming complete words in this wacky, story-based, visually st...
  • Red Button Robot game Red Button Robot Red Button Robot is a button clicking gadget game with personality and humour, combining great colourful visuals with a fiendish test of abilities, ch...
  • Dot Devour game Dot Devour Devour Dots! Evade Enemies!
  • Christmas With a Difference game Christmas With a Difference Christmas With a Difference is a relaxing Christmas-themed spot-the-difference game with 10 different slickly illustrated scenes.
  • Tennis for You game Tennis for You Tennis for You - A single-player, stylised tennis game with power-ups to progress and score.
  • Did You Know game Did You Know The Quiz Game for Know-It-Alls!

Tags: zuma 50, pacman 48, difference 187, letters 182, robot 310, quiz 246, tennis 76, story 173, dot 66, leaderboard 208