dennatolich games

dennatolich developed 8 games, played 61 times.

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  • Cheese Barn game Cheese Barn The mouse is hungry! Can you help him get his favorite cheese? Play a fun puzzle/mind game.
  • Stop GMO 2 game Stop GMO 2 Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings The angry rabbit is back! help him to stop the GMO! Upgrade your abilities and win the game! In other words, make a salad or they will make you a sala...
  • Free Fred game Free Fred As a kid, your best friend was a dolphin, some bad guys kidnapped it and now, while you are older, you are going to fight them. Upgrade your abilities...
  • Stop GMO game Stop GMO Fight the salad or become one!
  • Reverse Boots game Reverse Boots These boots were made for magic and adventure, too!
  • Angel of the Battlefield 2 game Angel of the Battlefield 2 The rabbit is back for more! Help him save the wounded pilots.
  • Ninja Mushroom game Ninja Mushroom Guide your super shroom through a mystical forest.
  • Golden Intuition game Golden Intuition Play a fun mini-game, how far can you get without falling or being override by the giant rocks

Tags: ninja 251, castle 284, golden 60, rabbit 177, mushroom 65, angel 200, ship 295, stop 39, gmo 2, intuition 2