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Play 12 free hi roads games online.

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  • Farm Roads game Farm Roads4 Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns. This wil...
  • Farm Roads Lite game Farm Roads Lite4.4 Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns. This wil...
  • Castle Defense (Facebook) game Castle Defense (Facebook)5 Buy cannons to defend the castle.
  • Tower Defence game Tower Defence You are commander of defensive must defend all 12 sectors of village from invaders. You have building materials, 3 types of towers and mad-kamikaze-vi...
  • Car in a Maze game Car in a Maze Steer the car through the maze of roads, and reach the goal.
  • Street Racer game Street Racer1 Race down the country roads as fast as you can and survive as long as possible! Avoid the other cars on the road and collect the gas.
  • Cone Crazy game Cone Crazy Fast reactions required in this 30 second action game. Watch out for lamp posts and fire hydrants, they will slow you down. Leaderboard Enabled.
  • driveUmad game driveUmad5 "Drive You Mad" is a revolutionary car game! "Drive You Mad" has two opposite directions simultaneously! As the levels increased the roads gets more p...
  • market wars game market wars5 You are a self employed truck driver who owns his own trucking across USA and find the best food, but beware... Rising oil prices and other factors wi...
  • Chicken Run game Chicken Run You have to take care of the Drake.
  • Drive the Logan game Drive the Logan Drive Mahindra Logan, through busy roads. Have a racing fun!
  • Mountain View Racer game Mountain View Racer Race against the computer or against a friend on the twisty mountain roads.

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  • Jump Racer game Jump Racer5 Jump your super-fast monster truck over big trucks but mind your speed - too little speed and you'll hit the trucks below the ramp, too mcuh speed and...
  • Mad Racer game Mad Racer5 A very crowded highway and our mad racer is testing his driving skills with madness. Other car driver will get nervous about you. But nevermind.
  • Farm Escape game Farm Escape2.6 Farm Escape. Escape from animals attack. Play more games at
  • Crazy Car Race Game Crazy Car Race Game5 Crazy Car Race Game, Racing and Driving Cars Games
  • Rally Racer 1 game Rally Racer 1 Race on four diffrent tracks, Squid World, Army Base, The Swamp and a standerd track. Try to beat the times!
  • Warfare Tower Defense game Warfare Tower Defense5 waferae to the maximum in this Fun craton style tower defense game
  • Extreme Solar Racing game Extreme Solar Racing Rally across 5 continents in a solar car. Can you come in first place?
  • Farm Frenzy game Farm Frenzy4.3
  • Black VS White Defence game Black VS White Defence Challenge you strategy skills with Black Vs White defence.
  • Tyrian TD - Chapter 2 game Tyrian TD - Chapter 21 After the successful defeat of the first wave of creeps, the advantage is now on your side. The remains of the enemy fleet, on their way to re-group,...
  • The Geom Tower Defense game The Geom Tower Defense A tower defense game
  • Burst Racer 2 game Burst Racer 25 Burst Racer 2 is a cool racing game. Play the single mode or multiplayer (up to 4 players). Drive cars, tanks, trucks, boats, planes and formula 1 car...
  • Tower Defence War game Tower Defence War5 They are comming from space. They are ugly, sinister and evil-minded creeps. You must survives 55 waves of creeps attack by placing various towers on...
  • The Fastest Snail game The Fastest Snail5 Miniracing game with very fun graphics. You have to drive a Snail and break the best lap times of 15 levels to complete the game.
  • Drag Race Demon 2 game Drag Race Demon 2 Drag car racing just got bigger, faster and more challenging. Design, tweak and race your own dragster! Driving for real speed demons!
  • Downhill Delivery game Downhill Delivery5 Control a shopping cart full of goods, while going down a steep hill.
  • Weather Tower Defense game Weather Tower Defense You have to create weather machines to stop the evil invaders.
  • Spermatozoon Race game Spermatozoon Race You have only one key to steer and your job is to do not hit the edge.
  • The Fall of Jerusalem game The Fall of Jerusalem Defend the walls of Jerusalem against the invading army at all costs. Use what little gold you have to improve your defenses and bide your time.
  • Drive In game Drive In Drive the 3d little buggy through the hole in the wall. Drive on the road, on the ice, on the mud, or in the dark. Make money on the way, collecting c...
  • Integrated Defence game Integrated Defence Tower Defense game where you need to create a network of generators and cables to provide energy to your towers.

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