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  • Numpad Kennys game Numpad Kennys One, two, ... don't turn around, it's you! Time to beat a kenny and send it back to the hole! Your goal in this game is to whack the kenny which rises...
  • Zombies Whack game Zombies Whack Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings
  • Whack a Difference game Whack a Difference Whack an object or two, and at the same time improve your reaction and judgment through the peaceful version of Whack a Kenny! Your goal in this game...
  • Smack-A-Lot Piranha game Smack-A-Lot Piranha Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings
  • Smack-A-Lot Titan game Smack-A-Lot Titan Smack-A-Lot is back! Now with the Olympians to help out against a Titan! Zeus, Poseidon and the other gods will come to your aid. Now lets get smackin...
  • Smack-A-Lot Zombie game Smack-A-Lot Zombie A simple and fun zombie smacking game :D Smack it before the time runs out or take on the new hyper edition of smacking!
  • Zombie Cockroach game Zombie Cockroach Continue from Smack-A-Lot : Zombie, this time a cockroach has been infected by the Zombie virus after contracting it from a fallen Zombie. Smack it! W...
  • Smack-A-Lot Vampire game Smack-A-Lot Vampire The next Smack-A-Lot is about Vampire. This time they fight back! Smack them before they smack you!
  • Wack O Wack game Wack O Wack Earn points by whacking all of the politicians. Use the mouse to move the mallet and click to whack!

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