scary maze games

Play 4 free scary maze games online.

  • Scary Maze game Scary Maze3.9 simple maze.....
  • Scary Maze 3 game Scary Maze 33 Get sticky Chicky through this fun maze. Don't let the little chicky touch the walls or he will stick!
  • Scary Maze Game DX Scary Maze Game DX4.2 Can you get through four levels without touching the walls? New DX version includes time attack leaderboards!
  • Scary Maze game Scary Maze5 Use your mouse pointer to get through the maze and reach the next level. Remember to turn your speakers on for extra effects.

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  • Maze_Cat game Maze_Cat Help two cats to meet each other:
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  • The Ultimate Maze game The Ultimate Maze A game where you navigate through all 15 levels, but you have to be-careful to not touch the walls!
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  • Spooky Things game Spooky Things1 Welcome to the spooky things maze!
  • Scariest Maze Game Scariest Maze Game5 You've played Scary Maze but that was predictable after a couple of time. Now play Scariest Maze Game with unique random startling events guaranteed t...
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  • Scary Tic Tac Toe game Scary Tic Tac Toe2.7 Sort pin into 3 fertical or horizontal
  • CrazeMaze game CrazeMaze CrazeMaze! Compete against other players to complete this maze and post the highest score!
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  • Mouse Maze game Mouse Maze5 Simple (yet hard) mouse maze game. Is your hand steady enough to beat it?
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  • Genius Maze game Genius Maze2.6 Use your mouse to control green square. Move it to light bulb, avoid any obstacle
  • Spider Challenge game Spider Challenge Have you ever wondered where the Web spiders are? Come and help one of them meet the daily challenges it faces in this digital world... Spider Challen...
  • aMaze game aMaze A nice little time waster where the object is to make it through the mazes as quickly and cleanly as possible without making too many mistakes. Once y...
  • Mazeroll game Mazeroll5 Drag the maze with your mouse to collect spheres and make Kira and Kimo meet again!
  • aMaze 2 game aMaze 21 aMaze 2 is the second installment of the aMaze series, in this fun little time waster, you must make it to the target through mazes that get harder tr...
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  • Tiger Maze game Tiger Maze Fire balls to make sets of three, but don't let them reach the circle hole or you're history! HAVE FUN!
  • Orbs And Maze game Orbs And Maze 18 level maze labyrinth game with obstacle, enemy and point to catch up
  • Maze-Block game Maze-Block MAze-Block twisting game.

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