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  • Sneaky-Express game Sneaky-Express Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Escape as fast as you can!
  • Ghost Pop game Ghost Pop
  • Mine Zone game Mine Zone Can you recover all the gems on the mine field without exposing a grenade? This is not your average mine-sweeper! The method of avoiding the traps is...
  • Soccer Girl game Soccer Girl You and your boyfriend want you to become the master of soccer! The two came up with an idea, that he would help you train!
  • Soccer 2 game Soccer 2 You and your girlfriend want you to become the master of soccer! The two came up with an ideas, that she would help you train!
  • The Red Turtle game The Red Turtle Play as the Red Turtle who lives within a dream like world, do your best to stay on the moving performs as they come from the left side of the screen,...
  • Oliver the Basilisks game Oliver the Basilisks Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings The sorcerer's apprentice, Oliver, was experimenting with his master's spell book while he was away. Oliver wanted to try to summon a basilisk, but go...
  • You think you know something Game 1 You think you know something Game 1 test your knowledge on this True or false quiz see how you score
  • String Chaos game String Chaos String Chaos is a puzzle game. In each level you will find beads which are connected by strings. To complete a level, you have to drag and drop the be...

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