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  • Name That Sports Car game Name That Sports Car See how quick you can name the sports car by revealing one tile at a time until you know the car. The less tiles you take away the more points you get...
  • PB Freekick game PB Freekick Choose your league, choose your team. Start scoring from freekicks and win your matches to be the champion.
  • Ferrari 575m game Ferrari 575m Ferrari 575m sport car puzzle game.
  • Sport Motorbike game Sport Motorbike Sport Motorbike modify tuning driving game.
  • Trick Blast Billiards 2 game Trick Blast Billiards 2 10 new levels each with trickshots to test your pool playing prowess!
  • US Open Tennis Girl game US Open Tennis Girl Now this is an invite for the beauties to take part in this us open tennis tournament and you being such an adorable gorgeous girl here is your chance...
  • Golf Putt Champion game Golf Putt Champion Are you a golf putt champion? Will the crowd roar in delight or moan in disappointment as you judge your shot, aim and try to putt that golf ball?
  • TurboFootball game TurboFootball Turbo football-heavy metal spirit is very funny bike race game on a foot ball ground!

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  • Mini Golf Egipto game Mini Golf Egipto Mini Golf Egipto es un juego estimulante y divertido para uno o dos jugadores. Juega a través de 18 hoyos de golf en las ruinas de Egipto antiguo....
  • 3D Ping Pong game 3D Ping Pong
  • King of Portugal game King of Portugal The king of Portugal loves to crash his fast cars, but now he has no money, only debt! Press a button to get lots of bailout money from other European...
  • Mountain Rider game Mountain Rider Now its time to show some BMX Bike skills. Perform some backflips and collect points and bonuses as much as you can to make an high score. so lets see...
  • Zombie Boxer game Zombie Boxer Punch the zombie and win a round. If you are hit on your head there may be a knockout.
  • Ultimate Swish by FlashGamesFan com Ultimate Swish by FlashGamesFan com Test your skill in swish game, shooting 25 times in a game!
  • Turbo Cricket game Turbo Cricket Beat the best!
  • Stone Age Olympics game Stone Age Olympics Demonstrate your caveman strength and pry open the jaws of a dinosaur before the clock runs out! The faster you jack open the dinosaur's jaws, the mor...
  • Puing Pong game Puing Pong Puing Poing is sweet Pong game with penguins, 6 gamemodes and 3D graphics!
  • Discuss Throw 2012 game Discuss Throw 2012 Olympic games 2012 are coming! Can you achieve the best score possible in 3 attempts of Discus throwing in this simple one-button highscores skill gam...
  • a racing game a racing oval track 10 lap races with increasing dificulty.
  • cargame cargame You need to shoot a red turret with your car. rallay funny. Almost all things are hand drawn. Now with highscores.
  • Space Fighting game Space Fighting
  • Ski Olympics game Ski Olympics As the Vancouver 2010 Olympics take place, you can compete too! In this game, move your ski man through as many flasg and score as much as possible! G...
  • Speedboat Extreme game Speedboat Extreme The speedboat guy has to crown the obstacles arising on his way .Help him to reach his ultimate target
  • Ball Olympics game Ball Olympics Click on the athlete to power up the throw. The longer you keep the button pressed, the more power your athlete will put into the ball throw! And be c...
  • Soccer Swapper game Soccer Swapper Swapping tiles is more fun than swapping jersey at the end of the match.
  • Jump Up 2 game Jump Up 2 Jump Up is back after a long wait. This time it has more levels, more elements and much better graphics. Don't want to say this but still we are tryin...
  • Sumo Sushi Soccer game Sumo Sushi Soccer A funny one on one soccer game. Try to kick the Sushi roll as often as possible into the soccer net of the opponent soccer Sumo fighter. The more goal...
  • HT83 Zombie soccer game HT83 Zombie soccer soccer zombie you control through other zumbie
  • Freaky Football game Freaky Football Have fun whit this game,, MUHAHA
  • Photo Stickers game Photo Stickers make the photo stickers for this fashion girl or do it for yourself if you have a camera
  • Hammer iT game Hammer iT Basic Hammer arcade game. Score high to get your rank up !! P.S. : You don't need muscles to lift this hammer :p
  • Midnight Race game Midnight Race Crazy car game with full speed and no brakes! Experience a new 3d rendered graphics style, realístic accidents and insane speed. Have fun, even if you...
  • Illustrated Sports Crossword game Illustrated Sports Crossword Jumbly Themed Crosswords presents: A puzzle for sports fans. Cryptic / humorous clues make this crossword fun and yet none-too-easy for native English...
  • sports dress up game sports dress up In this new game you can dress each of us up in a different outfit to match with our favorite sports - what do you think we look best in?
  • Santa Pod Racer game Santa Pod Racer Choose one of three Pro-Mod drag racing cars to race down the drag strip and see if you can get the fastest time.
  • Merry Christmas Snowfight game Merry Christmas Snowfight Two Santa Claus have a snowfight
  • SprintRace3D game SprintRace3D 3d racing game with traffic
  • World Cup Fever game World Cup Fever World Cup Fever flash sports game support your country by making as many keeps ups as possible and submitting your name and country. World Cup Fever f...
  • Dora snow skates game Dora snow skates Help Dora skate in the snow island. Collect stars and flowers in your way to score more points. Avoid plants and stones. Enjoy snow surfing !
  • Tentakel Volley game Tentakel Volley Volleyball, the sport of champions…and octopuses.
  • Score for Bristol game Score for Bristol Quick fire penalty shoot out. How many shots can you put past the keeper. Is your eye sharp enough to spot the bonus items and hidden secrets to fire...
  • Shaded Island game Shaded Island Some islands always make you stay
  • Sport car puzzle game Sport car puzzle
  • Water Fun game Water Fun Just Have Fun!
  • Math Car game Math Car Steer your car by solving math equations to get through the three tough levels. Collect as many coins as you can while avoiding obstacles to get a hig...
  • Hot Shots game Hot Shots Make over 10 baskets before time runs out. Earn extra points if you make more than that.
  • Photo Foul 2008 game Photo Foul 2008 Photo Foul 2008 is an arcade photo hunt game with soccer photos dedicated to the european soccer championship in june 2008 in Austria/Switzerland.
  • Blopper game Blopper In Blopper you'll have to pop as much balloons as possible with your darths. Throw the darts in the air and let them pop the balloons, smaller balloon...
  • Anthill Race game Anthill Race Find and stay in the anthills fastest track to beat the record in this fun race.
  • Flashfooty Hockey game Flashfooty Hockey Fast and simple ice hockey game. Play it alone or agains your friend.

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