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Gizmogeek developed 14 games, played 572 times.

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  • snooker game snooker 201 a simple but cool zombie pool game with an addicting rule
  • UnBlock game UnBlock 107 Start thinking strategically and get the red block through the puzzle in this extremely fun game 'Unblock" In this game you have to move the blocks ar...
  • Bubble Breaker game Bubble Breaker 81 Nice cool bubble breaker game. See if you can set a record!
  • Bubble Breaker - Evolution game Bubble Breaker - Evolution 74 Classic Bubble Breaker with a twist. Pop certain number of bubbles and get power-ups. You will figure out as you go.
  • Rabbit Hunt game Rabbit Hunt 43 Get your hunting instincts out! Grab a gun and hunt the rabbits. More the rabbit, more points! Start Shooting!
  • Loomba game Loomba 16 Hit the balls, Match the, and go on!
  • Knights Quest game Knights Quest 13 Once upon a time, there was a mighty powerful King who ruled the world wisely and justly. The gods were so pleased that they gifted him with the "Key...
  • Car Run game Car Run 11 A Fantastic car game, superb controls and amazing moves. Finish 3 laps in fastest time possible
  • Pairz game Pairz 9 A Mahjong style game where u have to find the pair tiles as soon as possible
  • Switch Off game Switch Off 6 The objective of the game is to turn each light on the board out. By clicking a piece on the board you will reverse the state for that piece and every...
  • Memory Sharp game Memory Sharp 5 Brain Game to increase your Memory Power
  • Gift Catcher game Gift Catcher 4 Jump, Run, Grab. do these to collect as much gift as possible!
  • Gravity Ball game Gravity Ball 1 A cool Maize game. Just 2 keys to control. Find the path towards the star within the given time. Take goodies on the way.
  • BubbleX game BubbleX 1 A brain game! Looks easy, but your brain will be cooked at the end of it!

Tags: zuma 54, knight 144, chess 83, mahjong 380, catcher 45, type 30, quest 235, pool 186, gravity 175, snooker 40

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