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rzn1986 developed 25 games, played 1,671 times.

  • 6 Peaks Solitaire game 6 Peaks Solitaire 879 Enjoy an addictive card game, Tri Peaks solitaire with twice the amount of cards. Solve 15 different layouts or play six levels with changing themes....
  • 21 Solitaire game 21 Solitaire 297 21 Solitaire is a Black Jack variation with 4 different game modes. Basic modes for beginners and casino gameplay for the professionals.
  • Theban Triad game Theban Triad 115 An Egpytian themed puzzle game with two different gameplay objectives. Sliding on top and collapsing on the bottom.
  • Bamboo Shots game Bamboo Shots 85 Shoot a bamboo cannon to get a panda as far as possible. Upgrade your equipment to get the best score through ten rounds.
  • Hexa Connect game Hexa Connect 54 A game of connecting hexagons. Overtake the entire game field with the least amount of moves in this color swapping game.
  • Whiteworm game Whiteworm 45 Whiteworm and the red pixel.
  • Collido game Collido 31 Collapse smiley blocks in a fun match3 game with two game modes.
  • Colorotator game Colorotator 23 Collect the right colors with the right sides!
  • block down game block down 23
  • Gnome Garden game Gnome Garden 18 Help the gnomes manage their garden through the seasons.
  • Bloeme game Bloeme 15 Swap flowers in a quick match 3 game.
  • Match Plus game Match Plus 13 Click blocks with matching colors to remove them. If you hover with the mouse over a block you can light up the blocks that are on the left, right, to...
  • Arrow Puzzle game Arrow Puzzle 13 Click as much arrows as possible before you reach a dead end in this simple puzzle game.
  • Retro Chain Reaction game Retro Chain Reaction 10 Blow up mines, create the biggest chain reactions to get more points.
  • Match V game Match V 10 Make lines of five gems in this relaxing puzzle game. Remove the golden and silver plates in each level by making matches on top of them.
  • Piggy Flu game Piggy Flu 9 Stop swine influenza, shoot pigs.
  • You Are Missing The Point game You Are Missing The Point 7 Find the point within the given time, a quick game that tests your skills at seeing the point in a text.
  • Stay on Track game Stay on Track 6 Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Stay on track whatever it takes. Watch out for the holes.
  • Behind Golden Bars game Behind Golden Bars 5 Avoid the golden lines that appear at random on the screen. Move your glowing hero with the arrows.
  • Typeroids game Typeroids 4 Asteroids remade into a typing game.
  • Penguin Spinner game Penguin Spinner 4 Try to make all penguins spin by moving the mouse quickly over them.
  • Kiwis Quest game Kiwis Quest 3 Help a brave kiwi on his quest through the zoo. A really short and happy adventure game with a satisfying ending.
  • Medieval Match game Medieval Match 3 Slide to match in this action-packed match3 game with a medieval setting.
  • Highway Roundabout game Highway Roundabout 3 Fly and avoid the blocks. (Instructions inside the game)
  • Animal Carousel game Animal Carousel 1 Spin animals in a cute game with happy music, make circles of four the same animals through 15 levels.

Tags: solitaire 492, bejeweled 205, gold 181, collapse 94, letters 198, queen 243, tile 262, black 328, dodge 185, bar 86

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