Pierz games

Pierz developed 30 games, played 3,027 times.

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  • Snooker-Soccer game Snooker-Soccer 501 Mix of Snooker and Soccer: Score balls to opponents pockets.
  • Video Durak game Video Durak 5 433 Old Russian cards game Durak (Fool). This time, with live dancing girl. If you win a set, girl dance for you.
  • Blondes VS Excavators game Blondes VS Excavators 4 384 Blondes play volleyball vs Excavators. And often win!
  • Durak of Ages game Durak of Ages 2.3 237 Old Russian cards game "Durak"(Fool) - full version.
  • DanceBalls game DanceBalls 230 Have you ever played billiard with dancing balls?
  • EURO2012 Cheerleaders Foootball game EURO2012 Cheerleaders Foootball 200 Euro-2012 Football: cheerleaders help you to score goals!
  • 1Durak game 1Durak 188 Old Russian cards game - Durak (Fool)
  • ShootPinBall game ShootPinBall 154 Cool guys come to pinball with their guns.
  • Durak Forever game Durak Forever 129 Old Russian cards game Durak (Fool) - make her dance!
  • Castle Art game Castle Art 94 Shoot all enemies, find all parts of picture, and assemble the whole image to get to next level.
  • Shooting Jack game Shooting Jack 82 Shooting version of Black Jack: Shoot bubble-cards close to 21 points, but not more.
  • Black Bill game Black Bill 53 Billiard-mode version of Black Jack
  • Bubble-fAces game Bubble-fAces 42 Bubble-fAces is an interpolation of cards game to the pretty bubbles world. Cover Bubble-fAce with your Bubble.
  • Hate Cubes game Hate Cubes 36 Hate cubes? Kill em!
  • Battlefield game Battlefield 35 Your soldiers must take the battlefield, and tank defends your line.
  • 2Roulettes game 2Roulettes 27 Cards on 2 roulettes. If roulette stops and your card is higher, you win.
  • Dinosculptor game Dinosculptor 27 Prehistoric sculptor used dinosaur to create his masterpieces.
  • Blondes vs Brunettes-2x2Football game Blondes vs Brunettes-2x2Football 26 Blondes really play better. if you control them well. Football 2x2. Score goals to opponents gates. You control both your players.
  • Jeans Poker game Jeans Poker 23 Shooting poker: Shoot some poker combination, to get to next level.
  • ExcavatorBall game ExcavatorBall 22 Excavators volleyball: Hit the ball with the bucket, and don't let ball to fall on your side.
  • She Waits 2 Minutes game She Waits 2 Minutes 21 Girl is waiting for you just 2 minutes. Drive as fast as you can, to be in time! Just 40 miles, 2 minutes.
  • 30Deg Football game 30Deg Football 19 Football field is 30 Deg. inclined - your Forward goes deep to opponents side, your Goalkeeper protects the net. Control both your players.
  • Paint the Mammoth game Paint the Mammoth 14 Color the mammoth to see it real!
  • Ping-On-Falls game Ping-On-Falls 13 Have you seen falls? Keep the ball on a desk, don't let it fall!
  • Flowers Monsters game Flowers Monsters 12 Tutti was walking in fields and collecting flowers. Suddenly she had appeared in this Land of Beautiful Flowers, but Dangerous Monsters. Now she has t...
  • 1BasketBall game 1BasketBall 12 4 basketball players against 1 basket. You throw the ball to the basket - you score the goal.
  • Dino Paint game Dino Paint 5 Draw the picture of Dino with magic pen, and receive the rating from machine. The better picture rating - the more unexpected adventures. Draw and run...
  • Draw the Bunny game Draw the Bunny 5 It is a Drawing-Teaching Machine. The machine give you a sample of a picture (Bunny), and you must contour it as good as you can. The machine will est...
  • Jabbaball game Jabbaball 3 Rules are similar to football, but you have to hit not into gates, but into goalkeeper. But Jabba team also may hit your gates(screen).
  • Foot-n-Shoot game Foot-n-Shoot 1 Biathlon rules brought to well known football. Players are kicking the ball on a field, but suddenly take guns and start shooting.

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