Nitrome games

Nitrome developed 12 games, played 1,174 times.

  • Fat Cat game Fat Cat 255 Play as both the owl and the pussy cat in this frantic puzzle shoot-em-up.
  • Double Edged game Double Edged 240 Co-op beat-em-up set in ancient Greece with huge mythical bosses.
  • Skywire 2 game Skywire 2 5 113 Epic sequel to our rail riding classic! bosses and two player racing.
  • Twin Shot game Twin Shot 105 Dual player arrow firing action game set in an ancient cloud city.
  • Silly Sausage game Silly Sausage 95 Use your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish.
  • Cave Chaos game Cave Chaos 77 Two player adventure through a unstable cave network.
  • Swindler game Swindler 63 Drop, tangle & roll your way through this action packed puzzle filled adventure!
  • Flash Cat game Flash Cat 55 Weave your feline way along trap laden courses aboard your legged craft.
  • Final Ninja Zero game Final Ninja Zero 53 Super-charged prequel to the ninja swinging series.
  • Canary game Canary 49 Explore the mines using your laser cannon to carve through the rocks.
  • Temple Glider game Temple Glider 48 Unique platforming/flying mechanic used to escape the ancient tombs.
  • Steamlands Player Pack game Steamlands Player Pack 23 Build epic tanks from scrap to destroy rival tanks! Now with player's levels!

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