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x13h developed 11 games, played 741 times.

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  • gostop the matgo game gostop the matgo 310 GoStop is a Korean card game. GoStop is also known as Godori.
  • Mighty Bomberman game Mighty Bomberman 142 Kill all the enemies with bombs
  • bubble eraser game bubble eraser 90 Erase the groups of bubble by targeting with mouse.
  • Tank battalion game Tank battalion 77 Destroy enemy tanks defend our camp.
  • ShisenSho game ShisenSho 50 Shisen-Sho is a Japanese tile-based game which uses Mahjong tiles, and is similar to Mahjong solitaire.
  • Tiny Sokoban game Tiny Sokoban 19 Push the boxes to the dots. When all dots are covered, you can proceed to next pattern with the enter key. Note that you can't push two or more boxes,...
  • candy sweep game candy sweep 18 click on the two same-colored candy. if dropped more than ten candies, chance is increased.
  • brix game brix 18 This is a tetris with battle system. Opponent computer player has very good artificial intelligence. It may be very hard to defeat opponent player. So...
  • Tris the Battle game Tris the Battle 11 This is a Battle Tetris. Battle rules are based on the Official Tetris.
  • PocketBall Practice game PocketBall Practice 6 Use the mouse to aim and fire pocket the pool balls
  • candy balls game candy balls 1 a simple match three game

Tags: billiard 106, tetris 243, brick 202, bomb 432, candy 318, pool 170, snooker 38, bouncing 237, remove 58, 8ball 12

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