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SlimSlaby developed 22 games, played 207 times.

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  • Ghoulish game Ghoulish 36 Claymation based game. Click mouse button to shoot arrow and kill ghouls.
  • Orb Snake game Orb Snake 34 Collect colored orbs with your orb snake.
  • Kowiachobee Slide Puzzles game Kowiachobee Slide Puzzles 28 Test your skills at solving slide puzzles of featured Kowiachobee Animal Preserve animal photos.
  • Terror Tiles game Terror Tiles 25 Destroy all the blocks by clicking on blocks connected to blocks of the same type.
  • Disco Fish game Disco Fish 15 Eat worms to score points and gain health. Avoid other fish who deplete your health.
  • Population Me game Population Me 12 Save your planet from incoming missile attack.
  • Kitten Match game Kitten Match 10 Draw a line to connect kittens of matching colors!
  • Ant Splat game Ant Splat 9 Splat all the ants before time runs out. Red ants lay larvae that hatch into more ants. The higher your splat %, the more points you score, so accurac...
  • 60 Second TD game 60 Second TD 7 Defend your planet from the Hexider Invasion by building and upgrading towers that blast them away.
  • Orb Sketch game Orb Sketch 5 Connect orbs of the same color as quickly as you can!
  • Global Defense game Global Defense 5 Destroy incoming missiles by firing colored missiles that match the color of the incoming missiles. Press 1 to fire Red Missile Press 2 to fire Blue M...
  • Snake Evade game Snake Evade 4 Eat as quickly as you can while destroying turrets and avoiding bullets!
  • Panda Attack game Panda Attack 4 Shoot down the panda paratroopers!
  • Kowia Rotospheres game Kowia Rotospheres 3 Launch the animal discs, and match discs to score points.
  • Hui Hui Collapse game Hui Hui Collapse 3 Collapse as many Hui Hui blocks as you can before time runs out.
  • You Cant Win game You Cant Win 2 Click on all the circles before time runs out!
  • Snowman Match game Snowman Match 2 Draw a line to connect and match the different colored snowmen!
  • Frog Feast game Frog Feast 1 Catch all the flies with your tongue before time runs out, and avoid the hornets. Catching same color flies consecutively gives you multipliers!
  • Match Em Up Deluxe game Match Em Up Deluxe 1 Deluxe version of Match Em Up includes animated levels and a more free form level system that starts off far easier than the last version. Click on a...
  • Disco Fish 2 game Disco Fish 2 1 Eat small red/blue/yellow fish for points and health. Worms give you a big health boost. Eating the same color fish consecutively multiplies your poin...
  • Rotospheres game Rotospheres Launch colored orbs and match colors to score points. The faster you work, the more bonus points you get.
  • Orbital game Orbital Seven levels of color matching fun. Collect spheres matching your color and evolve to a new color.

Tags: snowman 89, disco 45, collapse 98, snake 258, planet 229, kitten 78, orb 50, 60 89, leopard 21, ostrich 10

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