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  • Doors Edge Online game Doors Edge Online Hello citizen. This is latest beta Doors Edge from. Please play me.
  • TomatoWars game TomatoWars TomatoWars is a funny shooter/defense game where your objective is to blow away all the tomatoes before they eat you!. 15 levels of explosive madness!...
  • Super Diamond Catcher game Super Diamond Catcher In this simple game, collect as many diamonds as you can! This game features 10 levels. To win, score at least 1000 points. Will you score the highest...
  • Christmas Dinner game Christmas Dinner chace the turkey for your Christmas Dinner. One Button game
  • Chickenz game Chickenz Avoid the lettuce from being eaten by the chickenz!
  • Flea Bath game Flea Bath you have 30 seconds to get all the fleas off Paco- luck!
  • Valentine Bounce game Valentine Bounce Make Cow bounces on the shoulder of Carabao
  • Funny Computer Technology Jokes game Funny Computer Technology Jokes
  • King of Sweden 2 game King of Sweden 2 The King has spent all his money, but he still wants to go to a gentlemen's party. Help the King to make money by performing high jumps and other tric...
  • Funny puzzle with animal game Funny puzzle with animal The game puzzles. In Game 6 pictures of animals. Having made the choice to collect an entire image of the smaller parts.
  • Johnny Race or Be Late game Johnny Race or Be Late Many claim they were able to reach 500kph, dangerous I know, but we need proof.
  • Lawyer Clown Jokes game Lawyer Clown Jokes Funny stuff lawyer jokes when you punch the clown
  • mooBalls Christmas game mooBalls Christmas Feel the magic atmosphere of Christmas. This casual, arcade game for everyone was created for this special holiday. Connect as many the same christmas...
  • Whats That Spell game Whats That Spell Spell Anagram's from Memory!
  • Who Said It Mike Tyson or Megan Fox game Who Said It Mike Tyson or Megan Fox Who says the craziest crap - megahot movie babe Megan Fox or punch-drunk boxer Mike Tyson? Test your quotable knowledge with this hilarity-packed quiz...
  • Ninja Cradle game Ninja Cradle Baby Hime has been kidnapped! It's up to Baby Nin and his Magic Diapers to rescue his love!
  • Vampire Joke Shooter game Vampire Joke Shooter Shoot the Bubbles to See New Vampire Jokes Funny Shooting Jokes
  • Oink Bunk game Oink Bunk Very entertaining, fast paced game with nice graphics and unique controls.
  • King of Greece game King of Greece You are the king of Greece, and you work just 23 days every year. Make lots of money by driving a special sports car to finance your next holiday, and...
  • BadCat 7 lives game BadCat 7 lives Kill BadCat using leiser beams, machineguns, ice, dynamite and more into this crazy violent game, brought to you as a daily update for a whole week, b...
  • McJohnson the Nuclear Walrus game McJohnson the Nuclear Walrus Bounce around, eat donuts, and dodge scissors.
  • YOU ARE A BOX game YOU ARE A BOX It isn't easy being a box!
  • George Bush Shoedown game George Bush Shoedown Play as George W. Bush and dodge shoes thrown at you by Iraqi journalists!
  • Frog Escape game Frog Escape An interesting and addictive puzzle game Goal You will have to stop the frog by locking its path on the leaves so that it cannot find a way to the wat...
  • Aardvark BubbleJoke Shooter game Aardvark BubbleJoke Shooter Shoot the Bubbles they blow up and you get a new joke
  • Dolphin Ball 2 game Dolphin Ball 2 Help the dolphin clear all the balls before the balls are close to the seabed. You can clear the balls by shooting them into groups of 3 or more of th...
  • Finder game Finder Enjoy and exercise your visual perception with this original game were you must find all the objects proposed into the line junk .
  • RedNeck Jokes Shooter game RedNeck Jokes Shooter Shoot the bubbles see a new joke A fun game and a good laugh
  • Funny Blue Memory game Funny Blue Memory Fun and easy memory game for everyone - match pairs of smilies to make them disappear.
  • Big Als Big Trash Roundup game Big Als Big Trash Roundup This is my first flash game. I just started learning Flash / Actionscript about 4 months ago. This game is not for the faint of heart. If you want to...
  • History Lesson for Obama game History Lesson for Obama Teach Mr. Obama that there are not Polish Death Camps. There are The Nazi Death Camps.
  • ClickCraft game ClickCraft A timeless game of clicking as quickly as possible.
  • Nyan Cat Block Escape game Nyan Cat Block Escape Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Let Nyan Cat Nyan forever by getting all the blocks out of his way.
  • Funny New Year 5 Differences game Funny New Year 5 Differences Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
  • Cheese Trap game Cheese Trap Help the cat fight the mouse!!!!!
  • Dave Gets High game Dave Gets High Guide Dave as he tries to get high, bouncing on clouds and rainbows.

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