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  • Mine Blocks game Mine Blocks4.5 Mine the resources. Craft your materials. Build your castle. Explore the land. Slay some monsters. Freedom. Do what you want to do, how you want to do...
  • Miocraft game Miocraft3.9 Welcome to Miocraft! Create Your own world with this fantastic game!
  • Blockz game Blockz3 The game has no goals, however you can build whatever you want to!
  • Cloud Worlds game Cloud Worlds3.1 Create Your own world and share it with other players on the planet!
  • Jet Miner game Jet Miner3.4 Welcome to Jet Miner! Find all diamonds hidden underground, then go to the exit as soon as possible!!
  • MY BLOCKS game MY BLOCKS4.1 Create Your own world and share it with other players on the planet!
  • Destructor game Destructor3 Voxel based First Person Shooter created in Flash. OBJECTIVE: Destroy the world as much as you can! Less voxels remaining means higher score rank. No...
  • Miner in WAR game Miner in WAR2.1 The miner adventurer must fight against zombies that have imprisoned in a cave
  • Alpi Craft game Alpi Craft4.2 Create Your own world and share it with other players on the planet!
  • Killers on Blocks game Killers on Blocks3.4 Welcome to Killers on Blocks! Kill as many enemies as You can in this fantastic multiplayer game!
  • Caved In 2 game Caved In 23 Dig your way through treacherous caverns while saving damsels in distress in this sequel to the original Caved In. The goal of the game is to descend...
  • MINERBOMB game MINERBOMB3.5 Check all TNT bombs, take all flag and the diamond, escape to arrow and pick. A level is all random. Have a FUN!!!!
  • Pixel Box 2 game Pixel Box 24.3 Using over 150 blocks, build different worlds and share them with your friends online! Create farms, castle, houses, dungeons and much more!
  • Creeper Puzzle game Creeper Puzzle2.3 Creeper's going to Creep, can you beet them in the green Creeper Puzzle?
  • wildcat bricks game wildcat bricks5 Use small bricks to create everything you want. Solve the puzzles and share your codes with your friends
  • Tronic Worlds game Tronic Worlds4.6 Create Your own world and share it with other players on the planet!
  • Minecraft Diamond Jackpot Dress Up game Minecraft Diamond Jackpot Dress Up5 You just found the diamond jackpot in Minecraft!! Get your pick ready, don your favorite clothes, and start mining!
  • Pixel Box game Pixel Box4.2 Build small block-based worlds and share them with your friends in Pixel Box!
  • Caved In game Caved In3 Originally created for the 21st Ludum Dare competition, Caved In was inspired by Minecraft, Terraria, Dwarf Fortress, and dungeon crawlers. The goal o...
  • Mini Runner game Mini Runner1.8 Game only for hardcore and patient players! It’s “simple” game, all you must do to go from point A to point B while trying to not fall on the ground....
  • Speed Miner 3 game Speed Miner 31 Speed Miner returns! Unlock 8 different pickaxes and 6 different locations in this easy to play game!
  • Speed Miner game Speed Miner Mine as many blocks as you in this easy to play game!
  • Destroyer FPS game Destroyer FPS5 INSTRUCTIONS: Aim/Shoot: Left Mouse Move/View: WSAD QEZX/Arrow Keys Jump: Space Pause Game: Enter (You can submit your scores in the pause menu.)
  • Destructor Voxel FPS game Destructor Voxel FPS1 INSTRUCTIONS: Aim/Shoot: Left Mouse Move/View: WSAD QEZX/Arrow Keys Jump: Space Pause Game: Enter (You can submit your scores in the pause menu.)
  • Speed Miner 2 game Speed Miner 21 Mine as many blocks as you can in this fast pace and easy to play game! Collect up minerals and use them to build a city!
  • Just Another Cakefight game Just Another Cakefight2 When an evil monster steals Joey's cake, it vows to get revenge! Play as Joey's Cake as you shoot, dodge, and smash your way through 3 exciting bosses...
  • Cycle Third Dream game Cycle Third Dream3.7 Welcome to the peaceful world of Cycle. Earn cash by going fishing, mining and harvesting as you work to pay off your mortgage.
  • falling block lite game falling block lite Dodge all the blocks, take the coins that fall, jump higher and higher.

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  • Willy: the Pyramid's maze game Willy: the Pyramid's maze3 Old style platform game, remake of Jet Set Willy with new rooms and a multiplayer option.
  • Michigan Hawk game Michigan Hawk3 Are you the one who can survive the dangers in this tomb? Find the sarcophagus of Ra-Amin-Kah. Collect treasures, gold, diamonds and more. To escape,...
  • Jack's Beach Blitz game Jack's Beach Blitz Special Agent Jackson Orange, disguised as a beach ball, must blast his way through multiple levels to rescue his girl friend. This maze-based shooter...
  • 3D Car Challenge game 3D Car Challenge Physical game where you must escape a world made of simple blocks using a little sport car.
  • Ultrakillz 3D game Ultrakillz 3D3 Ultrakillz single player is back! 3D first person shooting game.
  • SecretCoralWar game SecretCoralWar Main hero - brave fish. You must help the fish find a way out of the maze and collect all the pearls. The monsters of the marine depths interfere brav...
  • Jump N Bump 3D game Jump N Bump 3D Cool 3D version of the popular platform game Jump N Bump! Roll, jump and fly, collect stars and extras and try to reach the exit platforms. Use arrows...

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