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  • Milk The Cow game Milk The Cow 330 How many seconds can you milking four buckets? More than 50 million played on the most popular game sites and mobile platforms, Milk The Cow game, Htm...
  • Farm Valley game Farm Valley 195 Build your farm, cultivate and harvest crops. Raise poultry, animals and livestock in the most popular farming game.
  • Coloring Farm Pets game Coloring Farm Pets 59 Play coloring game, choose colors and design your colorful picture with funny farm animals.
  • Cow Cow Run game Cow Cow Run 28 A cow was having a nice life. But all changed when the UFO nation came and wants to kidnap the cow. Help the cow avoid the UFOs while collecting coins...
  • Baby Cow Launcher game Baby Cow Launcher 10 The greedy farmers are milking cows for profit. As General Cow, your task is to disrupt these greedy farmers. Launch baby cows at greedy farmers to de...
  • Farmers vs Aliens game Farmers vs Aliens 2 Aliens have attacked your farm! Grab a cannon and go - protect the cow! You will need a strategy for this game! Shoot from cannons and destroy aliens....
  • Thanksgiving bff make over game Thanksgiving bff make over 509 do the make over of two best friends celebrating thanksgiving day!
  • Super Farm game Super Farm 3.9 242
  • Pigs go home game Pigs go home 74 Funny turn based game about cows and pigs battle. Command the cows and bulls to win the war.
  • Tractor and Cow Coloring game Tractor and Cow Coloring 63 Paint this beautiful tractor and cute cow with your favorite colors. Enjoy!
  • Super Farm English game Super Farm English 59 Play super farm game.
  • Cattle Tycoon game Cattle Tycoon 58 Manage your ranch, grow your live stocks, sell all the products, conquer all the quests! Be the most successful tycoon ever!
  • Cattle Invasion game Cattle Invasion 56 Aliens have finally come and they are looking for our cows. Control a lonely cow and try to keep him alive as long as possible.
  • Canon game Canon 54 CANON! It is a shooting game with a gun. you have to kill animals before they reach into the butcher. If blood fills the cup, then you lose!
  • Cute Cow Girl game Cute Cow Girl 51 Get the cute cow girl ready for a fun day at the farm
  • Mountain and cows coloring game Mountain and cows coloring 50
  • UFO VS Cows game UFO VS Cows 44 Collect many cows with ufo
  • Feed the Cows game Feed the Cows 42 You have to feed all the cows, but there is just enough food for every cow, so no cow can eat twice. But once a cow has been fed, he wants more and wi...
  • Mad Cow game Mad Cow 40 Help cow to protect the farm trom coyotes.
  • Grill Champ game Grill Champ 39 Backyard grillin’ at its best. Grill some burgers and serve your hungry guests in the fun grilling simulator game Grill Champ. Finish all 8 levels to...
  • Milking Cow Collection game Milking Cow Collection 38
  • Bubble Up game Bubble Up 30 In Bubble Up! you control Jane, a cute little girl that tries to get to new heights in her dreams. To help her, you must make her jump on soap bubbles...
  • Wild West Cow Girl game Wild West Cow Girl 30 The cowgirl has told her own story in many a vigorous and graceful girl! Click the items to dress up her.
  • Mad Cows game Mad Cows 28 In This Farming Game, you find out the true but sad fact that your cows have been infected by a strange disease. They are getting mad. Your only chanc...
  • West Intruder 2 game West Intruder 2 24 Buy weapons and shoot the west intruder, kill all of the west intruder before they destory your house.
  • Farm cow dressup game Farm cow dressup 23
  • Black spotted cow coloring game Black spotted cow coloring 22
  • Chef Of War game Chef Of War 22 You're the little chef in a big kitchen that have to beat all the monsters. Use tomatoes on a line to hit them. Try to hit fast in a row to score extr...
  • Wild Wild Cow game Wild Wild Cow 21
  • Juice Gun Gun game Juice Gun Gun 21 Shoot the fruits as they pass by with incredible speed! Careful, try not to get motion sickness! Combine different fruits to get different cocktails!...
  • Cow Barn game Cow Barn 20 You invested all your money to your new farm and now you have to work efficiently to earn money. You have 2 cows for now. Take care of them, feed, wat...
  • Zombie Farm game Zombie Farm 19 Growth hormone overdose! As pyrobot, destroy the violent zombie animals.
  • CheeseBurger Supreme game CheeseBurger Supreme 19 Get ready! Build these giant 3d Cheeseburgers as fast as your customers can order! Watch Out! Some are extremely demanding and ask for their burgers q...
  • UFO like cows game UFO like cows 19 Cute funny game about UFO and cows. Use LEFT/RIGHT to control ufo and its magnetic ray. And be afraid of bricks and stones! Its vary bad for UFO to ca...
  • Exploding Cow Milk Crisis game Exploding Cow Milk Crisis 18 Milk cows, kill aliens. Simple huh? Hahaha!
  • cow coloring 2 game cow coloring 2 18 Can select 3 different languages and funny cow coloring 2 game play.
  • Jumping Cow game Jumping Cow 17 Use your mouse to make PlayCow jump and collect flying gifts, the more gifts you collect the more pooints you got, every 1000 points will give you a n...
  • Steak and Jake Midnight March game Steak and Jake Midnight March 17 Help Steak and Jake guide the marching Ghouls along the trail this Halloween! Multi-task in this puzzle-platformer, with Jake the color-changing bird...
  • mad cow tower defense game mad cow tower defense 16 Place your towers near road to destroy all mad cows.
  • Moooving Cows game Moooving Cows 16 As a herdsman, you must take care as many cows as you can. Avoid any collision with cow that can reduce your health. Use grass to remove cow so that y...
  • cow vs zombie game cow vs zombie 16 instructions:Use WSAD keys to move,the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot(hold left button to launch carrot rocket),number key 1-3 change...
  • Blue Cow Coloring Book game Blue Cow Coloring Book 15 Fun farmyard coloring book to entertain your children.
  • DOLI- Animal Farm game DOLI- Animal Farm 15 Lisa has discovered her passion for the lovely farm animals and now she takes care of them daily. But today, Lisa wants to meet up with some friends,...
  • cow coloring game cow coloring 15 cow using the buttons change their color, cow fun colorizing now.
  • Cow Girl game Cow Girl 14 Make her feel better by giving a classy outfit.
  • Horse Pie game Horse Pie 14 Eat cows. Avoid horses.
  • Dressing Cow game Dressing Cow 13
  • The Way of the Exploding Cow - Milk Crisis game The Way of the Exploding Cow - Milk Crisis 13 Milk the cows, shoot the aliens trying to steal them. Simple game, gets crazy!
  • Cosmic Cow game Cosmic Cow 12 Move the cow's ship to avoid rocks and shoot its to earn points. The Cosmic Cow is gonna find new planets, play and enjoy !
  • Farm Hazards game Farm Hazards 12 Simple RPG where you have to defend a farm against an enemy invasion for as long as you can.
  • Flying Hen game Flying Hen 12 A hen trying to fly with the help of pigs, bulls, horses, cows and more. Pick wheat and use it to upgrade your companions and try to reach 3 kilometer...
  • Herbivore game Herbivore 11 A unique defense game in which you protect your farm from all types of invading herbivores. Earn money and get upgrades!
  • Valentine Bounce game Valentine Bounce 11 Make Cow bounces on the shoulder of Carabao

Play the best cow games online

We have collected 53 popular cow games for you to play on Games144. They include new and top cow games such as Thanksgiving bff make over, Milk The Cow, Super Farm. Choose any cow game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.


What are the most popular Cow games?

  1. Thanksgiving bff make over
  2. Milk The Cow
  3. Super Farm
  4. Farm Valley
  5. Pigs go home
  6. Tractor and Cow Coloring
  7. Coloring Farm Pets
  8. Super Farm English
  9. Cattle Tycoon
  10. Cattle Invasion

What are the best Cow games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Milk The Cow
  2. Coloring Farm Pets
  3. Cow Cow Run
  4. Baby Cow Launcher
  5. Farmers vs Aliens

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