Superman games

5/5 1 Play 19 free superman games online.

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  • Superhero Flight game Superhero Flight 100 Help navigate Superman through dangerous skies and watch out for villains trying to crash into you!
  • Make a Superhero game Make a Superhero 83
  • SuperMania game SuperMania 71 Fly around as a super hero. Fry birds with your super-laser and visit other cities. Unfinished version.
  • SuperMan Hidden Stars game SuperMan Hidden Stars 57 You have to find the hidden stars in different images of SuperMan. Get your best rank and go to the next level. Is a fun Puzzles game.
  • Stickman Mountainboard game Stickman Mountainboard 46 Grab your board and rule Rocky Mountains. Race, buy new boards, upgrades, collect achievements and most important DO TRICKS and combos!
  • Fly Guy game Fly Guy 35 A mesmerizing flight through space and time as a daydreaming corporate drone. We've all been there before.
  • Superman Canon game Superman Canon 34 Superman's new weapons, powerful human cannon. To eliminate all alien
  • Super Hero game Super Hero 31 Be a Super Hero and save the plane from crashing.
  • Capsule Superman game Capsule Superman 31 Fire, eliminate the virus, you can do the best job!
  • Man of Steel - Spot the Numbers game Man of Steel - Spot the Numbers 29 Superman is back in the movie Man of Steel, See if you can spot all the numbers from the images from the movie Man of Steel.
  • Superman game Superman 25 Fly superman and avoid kryptonites. Click and hold left mouse button to go up release to go down.
  • Magic Pink Bucket game Magic Pink Bucket 18 Fly around on your magic pink bucket bike and try to get the highest score by getting big air and doing the superman trick.
  • Man Of Steel City Flight game Man Of Steel City Flight 17 Help Superman in this game based on the movie Man of Steel. You must cross the skies of the city as fast as you can, but be careful with the asteroids...
  • Sort My Tiles - Justice League Unlimited game Sort My Tiles - Justice League Unlimited 9 Justice League Unlimited Sort My Tiles Game. Put the pieces of the image in the correct place to complete this Sort My Tiles game.
  • Superman Adventure game Superman Adventure 6 Fly around like a superman and collect some points. Avoid kryptonite and try to get green clock for extra time.
  • Toy Block superman game Toy Block superman 5 Superman Tom to go to desert to travel, inadvertently found that there are many gold, the depths of the desert is full of risks and challenges, but To...
  • The Simpsons Homer Superman game The Simpsons Homer Superman 4 Homer always fun , na na na nana Superman !
  • Cat Woman game Cat Woman 4 Cat Women dress up
  • Superman Save World game Superman Save World 2 Monsters came to eliminate human beings and superman is coming to save the world. Be careful, don't hurt human!

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  • Mega Slime Two Player Edition x2 game Mega Slime Two Player Edition x2 43
  • Operation Triplane Mission to Norden game Operation Triplane Mission to Norden 78 You are a triplane pilot during WWI on a very important mission. Try to fly as far as possible and destroy as many enemies as you can in order to earn...
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