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  • Stick Planet game Stick Planet a perfect fighting game,enjoy it.
  • Zodiac ninja game Zodiac ninja Simple fighting game agianst zodiac signs. hope you enjoy!
  • WarMagic game WarMagic A game about the battle mages in which you will be one of the fighters and fight with opponents.
  • Inaba Ninja Showdown game Inaba Ninja Showdown Defeat your ninja challengers in a deadly tournament of bushido. To live happily ever after as king you must defeat the ninja challengers sent to you...
  • Oglum Bak Git game Oglum Bak Git Faced with the king of scavengers and angry child. Which do you think will win?
  • Stick Cadillacs and Dinosaurs game Stick Cadillacs and Dinosaurs I love this game.
  • city inspectors game city inspectors meet the city inspectors on street...
  • Fighting team game Fighting team p1:a, s, d, w mobile J punches K L jump kicking p2:The arrow keys to control mobile punching 2 kicking jumping 3
  • Fighting Movie Maker game Fighting Movie Maker click the tv's screen can into the Fighting Movie Maker. function: 1.Skeleton tools 2. Actions template
  • Zombie Zombie game Zombie Zombie Kill the zombie as possible as you can,Higher levels get progressively more challenging. Have Fun!
  • Fight of Supercars game Fight of Supercars If you like action and crazy races, this game allows you to test your skills to become the best online driver. Have fun in this game and demonstrate t...
  • Stick Street Fighter 2 game Stick Street Fighter 2 Updated: s+d+u=shoot When I Was Young,I play the fighting games day after I decided to be a game developer to design the fighting games When I grow up...
  • 3D Flash Ninja game 3D Flash Ninja Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Throw shurikens, leg sweeps, jump slash and more in this 3d ninja fighting flash game.
  • Splat Me II game Splat Me II One more press conference, four new characters, ten custard pies. How many can you splat?
  • Best Fighting 2 game Best Fighting 2
  • World Boxing Tournament 2 game World Boxing Tournament 2 World Boxing Tournament 2 is a fantastic follow up of the original boxing game. Some minor improvements such as the ability to pick from different box...
  • HorseManRevenge game HorseManRevenge The horseman will follow your cursor. Move next to villager and click to decapitate him. keep your bar full ! Decapitations will fill it while spared...
  • AttackOnGrasshopper game AttackOnGrasshopper The aim of the game, Stick man fight with enemies and grasshopper,without losing the stick man loss the life-bar ,game will be end .

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